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Whether you are just passing by or a Moss Owner - Welcome!

The Moss Owners Club is run by Moss owners for everyone interested in the Malvern, Roadster, Mamba, Monaco, Midge and Locust cars designed by John Cowperthwaite.  We are UK based and attend events in UK as well as making an annual trip to mainland Europe.  Any owner of a Moss car is welcome to join the club.  Our 2017 subscription  for Moss owners is free  - £0.00 or €0,00 or $0.00 - worldwide!

Our members include some of the original 1980’s Moss builders who continue to support new Moss owners maintain their distinctive and much sought after cars.  This web site is our main public face but daily and social contact between members is through our Facebook page.  Moss owners wanting membership of the Facebook group will have to apply to join Facebook group (if you are stuck, see ‘Contacts’ on this web site).

Our cars are unique.  Each one has a fibreglass body designed by John Cowperthwaite but not one is the same as any other because each was built by a different Moss owner.  The majority are based on Triumph or Ford donor cars but our members have proved you can build a Moss using a Mercedes 300SL, a Mitsubishi Galant or a Fiat Panda.  Our cars generally belong to an earlier age when there were no micro-chips and the dashboard displays were mechanical, hydraulic or basic on/off electrics.  The basic Moss kit fits well with many donors so we have some beautiful vehicles which hark back to earlier times when anything mechanical was possible. Many have faithfully used original donors in most respects and gained ‘historic vehicle’ status as a result.

Moss cars can be found all round Europe but particularly in France.  They can even be found in Australia, New Zealand and USA.  If you have a Moss but have not been a member of the owners club please let us have some details to help us keep a register of all the cars.

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