Jura, France 2015

Mosses love roads which snake around the hills but they enjoy a bit of company as well as time for yourself.  The Jura provides wonderful scenery and one trip of about 60 miles during the day took us into Switzerland.  The food and wine back at base is sometimes organised as a group and two or three times it is what you arrange for yourselves.  There is security in being part of a group with a temperamental old car but there is a lot of fun in driving your Moss with very frequent exclamations of delight by passers by in our vehicles.  When we are touring we mostly use CB radio to keep in touch with each other.  It is one thing to see the car in front but something totally different when it comes to guessing whether they are going left or right - especially when you are at red traffic lights and there is no Moss to be seen in front.  There is usually someone near by who knows we are all together and, once the lights go green, you can let them know when they are back in sight.  It works because we look after each other.