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How do I join  the Moss Owners Club

Email our membership secretary - there is a link on the ‘Contact’ page - and give him details of your name, email address, your car model, colour, registration and a photograph of your car.  He will reply to you.  You can also log in to the Moss Owners’ Club page on Facebook and join there.

There are no membership fees for 2016. This means its costs £0.00  or  €0,00  or  $0.00 to become a member worldwide.

I want to buy a Moss.  Where can I find one?

The two most likely places for adverts are our sales page and Ebay. An advert on Ebay may not be accurate (not enough people know about Moss Cars) but you can regularly find Moss cars there.  If you do find a Moss - buy it.  They sell quickly.

I have found a Moss and want to put it on the road - how?

All UK cars need an MoT (safety check, Controle Technique, TuV) certificate, insurance and have a road tax disc displayed. If your car can pass the MoT test, is insured and has paid its road fund licence (UK)  then it can go on the road exactly the same as any other car. You can find more about the MoT test and similar on or by joining the club and chatting with other Moss owners.

What is a kit car?  .. and is a Moss a kit car?

Car bodies in the 1960’s and 1970’s were not normally galvanised. Cars were often scrapped because they were not safe although the engines and mechanical parts were good for many more miles.  Triumph cars were built around a chassis so the body was not essential if the chassis, engine, gearbox, etc. could be used to build a car with a new body.  The new body was sold as a ‘kit’ so  - Yes - the Moss car is a kit car. Regulations covering new cars have made modern ‘kit’ cars very different to the Moss cars you will see on the road.  Moss cars are now part of history and enjoy being admired around the world.

I do not live in UK but I need to prove my car is historic

Members of the Moss Owners Club know most of the cars which have been built.  If we know your car and can see photos and a copy of your V5 UK registration document we may be able to help.  We need to be certain about the car so can not promise to help but we will try.

Can I tow a trailer with my Moss?

Yes - provided you can get your car through the UK MoT regulations. The same rules apply to a Moss as all other cars.

How do I buy spares for a Moss?

The normal filters, plugs and parts for Triumph and Ford are readily available from a wide variety of suppliers. Body parts would be more difficult as the moulds arenot owned by the Moss Owners Club. nb. Mamba owners - forget it!

My Moss was built in 1983. How do I find its history?

Contact our membership secretary who has a list of all the cars known to us.  Unfortunately this list only goes back some ten years when we computerised our records so we know there are at least two Mosses in Norway but have no record of them. There are many other Mosses which are not owned by club members.

Can I buy a new hood/seats/tonneau cover?

Yes.  There are several seat manufacturers in UK and some attend the Stoneleigh and Newark kit car shows - there may be other events as well. The tonneau and hood are better arranged with a vehicle upholsterer in your area.  Look in Yellow Pages or for ‘vehicle upholsterer’ and find one who mentions ‘classic cars’. They should be able to make a new tonneau easily but might want the old hood to use as a template.

Were Moss cars factory built? Or were they all owner built?

There were some cars built by Moss but most were built from kits supplied by Moss.  The plate ‘hand built by Aquila Marine’ refers to the fibre glass shell which was often created by that company during the 1980’s.  The parts made by Aquila were then supplied as part of the kit sold by Moss Cars for assembly by the purchaser.

Do Moss still supply kits for sale?

Moss stopped building and supplying kits in the 1990’s.  There is a company based in France which has the rights to produce the Monaco and is building cars in 2016