A very special Monaco

It's a 2.0 Vitesse, 1.6 Vitesse back axle, 4 speed, with O/D, reconstituted jag leather, all the bits, hidden driving lights, as retro & as old school cool as poss. T2000 pedal assembly shortened. Servo brakes. Little adjustments here & there, integral nose cone steady-frame etc

MGF wheels are probably a temporary affair, I'm after some Maestro/Montego steels to get it in keeping with an old '51 Gordini/Alfaetta/Lotus grand prix car of the era, taller tyres etc. I've made the mudguard stays removable for endless track possibilities, so there are two sets of stop/tail lamp units, and extra front sidelights within the headlamps etc ('cos I rock)


Yeh it shifts. Seems to have long gears, just incidental fortune. I remember an old Mamba revving to 8500 without a hic, and they do seem to be long-toothed.

Just doing another screen. Have put a new exhaust on it, much better, and "stereo"    RJC